They say life is so fragile


It may break in any time


Everything is so fresh


It is still so new


Who had been thought of that


Breaking free?


Endothermic reaction?


An ice absorb heat to melt


The result is?




Thanking someone


Who had been motivating me whole long


You are also in a very hard situation right?




Thanks when u were there when i needed someone to be there




I may have let u down.


Maybe i am the one who turn the thing upside down




In the whole long way


I am 100% perfectly serious


I never have a thought of


Thought of being play-play




Everything had moved on too fast


That was the only and the biggest mistake made


Not any one of us are really ready


Especially me


The new stuff really banged on me So hard


I had always expected something i do really want


but not getting it makes me feel so tired


So sorry, friend


I had downed you


Wish u good luck too! =)

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